Picture yourself. The one thing preventing you from bursting against the ground like a tomato that is moist is 11 millimeters of nylon cord. 1 wrong move, and it is lights out, friend. I am referring to something far. I am speaking about adopting the emptiness as you plummet at rates in excess of 3 mph into the floor. That is correct, I am speaking about the most extreme game of all rappelling. Here


What’s rappelling?

Not knowledgeable about rappelling? This is logical. It is not mainstream; it too hardcore. Thus, let me clarify: You go to the peak of a bigass cliff, then wrap a rope around a tree or put it through a few bolts which building people or weirdo rock climbers place there for a reason, after which you ride that slick serpent into the floor. You do it again and walk back up, for example three or two occasions, until your team is it over, then you go to Wendy’s.

Isn’t that dangerous?

You’re goddamn right it’s. Should you make the mistake — slough off the traces, letting opt for one second, needing to clip entirely, or wearing the depth of gloves — that is it. But we rappelers flourish on the threat. We stare death in the face, then we turn a cliff off in speeds, birds double and moon him.


Is rappelling pricey?

Fucking pricey. The price is $10,000. This covers a DJI Phantom 4 Guru drone, harness, rappel device, eight GoPro Hero 6 Blacks, SD cards, along with the rope. And that does not also contain Dragon Energy Drink and the Slim Jims. You have to work hard ask your daddy, or to play hard.


What type of rope should you purchase?


I really don’t understand a fucking rope. They sell them.


Do I want to put on a helmet for security?

Helmets are for infants and cowards. Are you really gonna request the consent of your mommy? You do not have to put on a helmet for safety, however you really do want it to mount a number your GoPros to catch the activity that is intense.


How do you get the rope up there?

We walk into the peak of the cliff, and we move, when there is no way to drift up.


How do I raise the difficulty after I get really great?

If you are able to get ahold of 2 ropes (not simple), you can try out the crazy, free hanging, full size double-rope rappel. That is 200 ft of hanging in space, turning entirely. As an additional challenge, catch those metal and nylon thingies the climbers depart the cliff–clip of ’em together and you also have a leash. And if you purchase a run and get good you might be prepared to attack the greatest. It is 3,000 ft of extreme sports activity –that is approximately 10 minutes of heart-pounding exposure. Or rappelling from a helicopter. That would be ill.


How do I create rappelling more intense?

Rappelling is as intense as it gets. Is that you. Until you are on the floor.


Imagine if you can find rock paths beneath me?

Throw rap and then the rope them over.